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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Other Side

“Break on through to the other side”
Jim Morrison of The Doors

The Other Side.............

Clawing splintered floors of revelation
I found a place that was paper thin
Dug jackknife deep with imagination
I thrust my head and heart right in

Yellow stars twinkling in violet dawn
Philosophers and prophets walking
Along pearl streets gilded in gold
Voices; rivers of wisdom talking

I asked a poet, where are you bound?
And he contentedly smiled at me
“Do you hear the rushing gurgling tide?
Then know, all rivers run to the sea”

Tearing the boards of illusion away
I found just beyond; another world
Where no night threatens the perfect day
And dreamers wake on crystal shores

No war machines of death I found
In this new Eden vast and unknown
But peace was the constant flowing sound
Where all men shared all things they owned

There was no poverty, crime or hate
No place for prejudice, pain or fear
No tears were allowed beyond the gates
And I longed to go on living there

I met a woman by a trickling stream
Drinking water from the cup of her hand
And she sang a beautiful song for me
In a language I did not understand

The purple mountains rolled far; drew near
And on distant hills bright flowers grew
Green meadows stretched before grazing deer
Round bright birds and butterflies flew

On a rock sat a bard in a flowing robe
Strumming an ancient form of guitar
Singing his songs as the river flowed
Melting the melody bright as the stars

Oh, this was a song I understood
I swooned with every word he uttered
Joy and laughter; beauty and good
Flowed from his lips soft as warm butter

I stopped; enchanted, and listened awhile
My heart swelling up in my throat
And I would have cried but could only smile
At every delicious, delectable note

I vowed to remember each syllable then
As I stood along the bank of the stream
I’ll carry them home to the warlike men
If forced from this magical land of dreams

Falling then came wooden bits and splinters
Tumbling from the sky upon my shoulders
I looked to see the place that I had entered
Someone beyond was carefully nailing over

Stop! I screamed. You must be mad. Don’t do it!
But hammering drowned out all my words
Others may find this land; other dreams pursue it!
My pleading went unheeded and unheard

I slept and wakened to white walls padded
Bars upon the open window of my soul
The doctors say I have gone mad; so sad
My bloody hands had dug the hardwood floor

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