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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Heart is a Soldier

My heart is a soldier in the open
Not knowing when to take cover
For all the dreams it goes on hoping
Until shot down by an enemy lover

My love; a ship on a stormy ocean
Tossed and adrift on a mindless sea
Where it believes the foolish notion
I might be loved for only me

My hope is a prisoner in a cell
It paces the cage made from my ribs
Confined by a heart of living hell
It only longs to love and live

Give me shelter from the storm
Make my spirit bulletproof
In your arms both safe and warm
Teach my heart your loving truth

All the lies that have been spoken
Left me wounded on the field
All the promises that were broken
Will take time to mend and heal

My heart is a soldier true and brave
Not afraid to go to war
If you believe I can be saved
That’s a love worth fighting for

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