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Friday, January 28, 2011

Banishment (The nature of light)

In early dawn I slumbered
Wrapped in velvet black of night
Dreams like wishes numbered
In my sleeping inward sight

The morning star came; calling
Gold upon the windowpane
Piercing bright light falling
Sure as day and summer rain

A single crack of curtain
Draped across Venetian blind
Was that failing certain
Covering the light would find

Stabbing through the tiny slit
And into my weary eye
The room all brightly lit
A horrid thing to wake by

How can this be, I pondered
Longing to return to dreams
Of this thing I wondered
Sneaking through the curtain seams

Crack so small and room so bright
Filling up with morning sun
The lovely dreams of night
By a single ray undone

Somehow seemed impossible
The trick of this illusion
I thought not plausible
The source of my confusion

A thread of innocent light
Brightened darkness so neatly
A lesson learned from sight
Banished the night completely

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