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Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't Tread on Me

Beneath the pity; before the blush;
Into poor hands few coins are pushed
The change is clearly needed bad
But coins are the only change to be had

Behind the tears; after the shock;
With brutal News at Six O’clock
Torn young bodies never older
War is the art of fools and soldiers

Rich; the house of government schemers
Poor; the pockets of poets and dreamers
I only offer to their poverty
More dreams and words of charity

Art has no value to a body ill
The glorified rich continue to kill
Iron fisted government dons lead glove
While poets and dreamers look for love

Hospitals fill with casualties
Dying of thirst to drink liberty
Crushed by the weight of tyranny
Wounded for dead democracy

It is better to live and die free men
Than serve as slaves of government
Who will serve the wretched men
That murder patriot citizens

Poets and dreamers march in the streets
Bullets and bombs will never defeat
The want and desire for love to lead them
Martyrs will die for the love of freedom

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