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Monday, April 4, 2011

Going on Over To Shiloh

I’m going on over to Shiloh
There’s a man waiting that I know
I met him in a dream just awhile ago
And he said his name was love

He knew everything about me
Swore he couldn’t live without me
He said there’s no reason to doubt me
I will calm the sea if it’s rough

Of course I started making excuses
I told him how I was near useless
Wanted for murder of the truth no less
And he promised me a place to hide

He called refugees by the waters
Brothers and sisters and sons and daughters
Come to the Son and the Father
And everything will be alright

So I’m going on over to Shiloh
Tell my family and friends that I know
The name of the place I’m going to go
So they won’t worry about me

Look for the Man in the shining dream
Who lives in the city by the same name
Not built with bricks by the hands of men
They can carry on without me

I’m going on over to Shiloh

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