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Thursday, April 28, 2011

If I had Rome

If I had Rome to call my own;
And the ornate dome of the Pantheon
Caesar’s palace would be yours
With vaulted ceilings and marble floors
If Athens and Parthenon in turn;
Your face would adorn every Grecian urn
You would be most by Athena blessed
As priestess of her house and guest
If I had Paris, you’d have the Louvre
For you, the Eiffel Tower I’d move
Or if I owned London; then Big Ben
Would wake you up when I tucked you in
Double-decker busses; a fleet you’d rule
For a little girl to ride to school
If I found the lost city of Atlantis
And raised it from the deep Atlantic
You could be queen and I; your fool
Would give you the world’s biggest swimming pool
But all I have is this pen of mine
And scribbled rhymes in simple lines
I’m sorry that I don’t have Rome
I can only offer this little poem
But with a love you can believe in
Pure as angel’s love in heaven;
The place you gave me from the start
The very first day you stole my heart
When the doctor placed you in my arms
And I fell bewitched by all your charms
No city of angels could replace
The dimples in your cherub face
And the greatest treasure I’ve ever had
Was to hear you call me “dad”

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