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Monday, April 4, 2011

Man is the Image

Man is the image of his God
A truer statement was never made
For whatever God a mans worships
He will aspire to become like.
If he worships a bloodthirsty,
Vengeful, destructive, condemning God
Then he will aspire to be the same.
Man has written that you shall fear God.
God has written LOVE.
The secret name of God is upon your heart.
There is no fear in perfect love.
A God that is loving, kind, forgiving,
patient, understanding, all creative
all powerful, peaceful and wise;
I would make my own God thus.
I will aspire to become the image of my God.
I shall not condemn.
I shall not hate.
I shall be patient.
I shall exercise understanding.
I shall forgive even as I am forgiven.
I shall love my fellow being as I love myself.
I shall respect all equally
but none more than the Creator.
I shall give thanks continually
for the blessings of my God.
I shall have peace of mind and spirit.
For man is the image of his God.

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