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Friday, October 7, 2016

What Dreams May Come

Ghosts or angels whispering
Telling forbidden stories
In the night

Beyond shutters and shadows
Beneath clouds and golden bits
Of starlight

Creatures prowl silent
City streets and forests

We find them
Along the morning highways
Raccoon, opossum and rabbit
The occasional skunk

We knew they were there;
All along we knew
But the night holds secrets;
Predators and prey

Dreams hold fortunes;
Fantasy and premonition
And in the naked light of day?
We find them

Run down by raging reality
Trapped in headlights of
Late traveling tourists
Ghosts or angels whispering

"Did you see that?"
"What was it?"
"No matter, now it's gone."
A bit of undigested omelet or Hamlet

I live therefore I dream
Of flying and I am free;
Of love in chains that bind me
Of the dead which oft remind me

I live

Can life have room for dreams?
Can there be an innocent beauty?
Untouched by wheels of labor
Not prey for predator's plunder?

Mankind works for a good life
But labor replaces joy
Time consumed is life
Eaten by desire

He would have painted
Sang a song or wrote a poem
There was no time
It was a dream

And what are dreams?

Ghosts or angels...whispering

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