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Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Morning Hour

Morning breaks with majestic light
Splintering the sky with shards of pink
The sleeping child in sweet benevolence
Sighs and smiles in blissful dreams

Sun spills onto the grass so gold
Only the shadows and shade are green
Dew glistens at every threshold
Into the forest and towering trees

The arachnid navigates his web
With sparkling skill and certainty
Plucking threads of a spiral harp
To rest in the center of symphony

In the silent music of the dawn
The hare creeps nimbly across the lawn
The owl ruffles feathers and nestles in
To quiet her dark night questioning

A robin begins pacing to and fro
Dainty head tilted at a delicate turn
Listening for breakfast in the earth below;
Perhaps a bug or wandering worm

But the mockingbird finds blasphemy
In a morning with only silent song
And begins his endless repertoire
Shrill and trills both loud and long

And so begins this wondrous day;
Familiar yet somehow different
And now I kneel and softly pray
God, thank You for this hour spent

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