Friday, May 15, 2020

All The Tiny Fishes

All the tiny fishes, swimming in the sea
All bright and winsome creatures on the coral reefs
Oyster and abalone make homes on ocean floors
With the pearls and mother of pearl ladies all adore

The urchins of the ocean are little porcupines
Protected by the notion of their sharp and sticky spines
But they do well to keep from being snatched by a sea otter
And served as appetizers, there’s danger in the water

Manta ray and octopus roam the murky deep
Electric eels and cuttlefish searching things to eat
The tiny fishes dart away to see a shark appear
Dark shapes swimming overhead bring the fishes fear

You tiny little fishes; you dazzling scaly wonders
Beautiful as fashion divas dressed in silks and colors
To visit reefs and find you there in zebra stripes and blue
Is a most breathtaking sight; I must give that to you

Little starfish march the sand; seahorses gallop by
Dolphins laugh that beasts of land swim in their midst like I
To all you tiny fishes, what wondrous joy you bring
No wonder that the nymphs and mermaids in the ocean sing

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Tiny wrinkled thing
Size of a ladybug

Dry and dead as stone
It rested in my palm

I buried it beneath
The black leaf loam

From the grave it rose;
Green phoenix stretching

Lifting striated wings
Worshiping the sun

In months, taller than I
It rustled against the sky

Silver silk flowing
Over robust ears

Beneath rough sleeves
Cobs bulged with life

Rebirth from destruction
Born again from death

Multiplied like stars
Reformed and alive

Such is a spirit reborn
Like a kernel of corn

Friday, July 12, 2019

Waiting to Fall

Crippled and broken cornstalks;
pierce a field of waist-high grass
a weathered gray barn still stands
about a mile from the overpass

She was once the pride of the valley
where the harvest of plenty was kept
but now that there isn't any
she stands empty and windswept

She held the hope of America
so gently in her arms
and graced the land with bounty
from orchards, fields and farms

Farmers, crippled and broken
Watch their children leave the land
But whether epitaph or token,
The weathered gray barn still stands

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Another World

Down a dry and dusty road
Beyond a field of thirsty grass
Lies a portal to another world
Beckoning to those that pass

Magnolias through waxen leaves
Sigh a breath of melting warm
Spanish moss on white oak trees
Every branch and limb adorn

Deeper now in forest keep
Rotting wood upon the air
Soft green moss beneath our feet
Dark and cool as we walk there

Outside, the heat is sweltering
Yellow bursts down on the stream
The sun has come to pools to bathe
And left in place, a living dream

Dragonflies speed swiftly by
Bodies blue and tails of green
Dancing among the Tiger lilies
Like small crayfish, to shade unseen

Leaving here, the traveler finds
More time elapsed than first believed
As through the gate the pathway winds
With all his worries now relieved

Thursday, May 9, 2019

I Crept and Walked Into the Dawn

I crept and walked into the dawn
Through the dew upon the lawn
I heard the morning rooster crow
The eastern sky was still aglow
Strokes of cotton candy pink
From His eye God gave a wink
And smiled into my waking room
With honeysuckle sweet perfume
In their beds some stretch and yawn
I crept and walked into the dawn
Forest creatures scurried there
Brave field mouse and timid hare
And from every tree I heard
The praise of God from every bird
I know that those who sleep are blessed
As from their week they take their rest
Yet not as blessed as I, alone
I crept and walked into the dawn

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Rocking Chair

The Rocking Chair

Mother spoke lucidly of her grandfather
She wanted to go to his house
She knew he had just passed on
There was a rocking chair bequeathed to her

It's just sitting there in that dusty attic
She wanted someone to get it for her
She spoke lovingly of her father
And talked about when she was a girl

I held her hand and promised I'd ask
About the rocking chair and she smiled
Later, when my sister visited
She told mother the house was no more

Mother was adamant the house was there
If she could only get there
Up those rickety stairs was an heirloom
And she wanted the rocking chair

The house had long been torn down
Land was cleared; a convenient store sat there
Mother would not be satisfied until she could see
Wondering aloud who had taken her chair

I would have done anything to ease her mind
But the mind wanders where we cannot go
Lost in dreams of childhood...she sat in his lap there
In curls and dress; a moment of happiness

Remembered with a promise...
"When I am gone I want you to have
This memory and this moment forever
And yes, this rocking chair"

Monday, May 14, 2018

Dancing in the Light

A single shaft of light
Penetrated the Venetian blind
Upon it danced a thousand motes of dust
The particles in celebration
Seemed to cling
To an arrow of the sun's bright offering

The room, behind dark velvet curtains
Had been sanctuary for the night
In darkness all things become uncertain
Void of will and subject to suggestions
Scattering like quicksilver in the light

The black fades into purple brown
Shadows creep away to secret corners
Were I to rise and pull the curtain down
No doubt the dark would burst with morning
But I sit perplexed and ponder
A mystery that makes me wonder

A shadow in a crevice holds no fear
It only lies in wait for discovery
What is this shaft of light doing here?
Did it come to rob the night of something lovely?
But look! How the darkness flees!
Even from a single pin so bright
What does it mean; perhaps or might?

Only a bit of day has changed the darkness
It wakened in me a thirst for all things bright
For where once I found comfort and solace
Behold! I saw weakness and cowardice!
I became determined to catch the sun
And so, into the east, I began to run.

But as I traveled and ran and did my best
The great star rose above me
The noon poured heat upon my brow
And now, the turning of the earth has
Sent me west.

We can not catch the sun except on our skin
Or perhaps we may harness a bit in our hearts
But there are things, that if pursued
Will only turn to leave us in the dark
Still, there will be smaller stars there

They will be there to remind us
There is always light
No matter how fast we travel
Or how far we put the past behind us

So I begin to cling, like some other earthly thing
Like a most of dust, not knowing what to trust
But looking forever forward to the light
And I begin to dance, if only on the chance
That I may, in some small way
Help to make the wrong things right

All The Tiny Fishes

All the tiny fishes, swimming in the sea All bright and winsome creatures on the coral reefs Oyster and abalone make homes on ocean floo...