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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Was It First the Trees?

Was it first the trees that welcomed me
swaying great green arms in unison,
casting protective shade over little eyes
that squinted under harsh morning sun?

Just beyond windows, seeming far away,
sunlight filtered through waving branches
sending dappled faeries dancing between;
friends that played on my nursery floor with me.

Oh the hours filled with flowers;
among tall weeds and grass, I found the delicate lady slipper
and admired the gladiolus

In the garden, as I grew, I learned of nature's wonder
I met the potato beetle, the grub and corn silk worm
Butterflies on morning glories met with hummingbirds
Days were singing silently, a song that had no words

Still the trees sighed; bent and swayed
To the music of the dance
As birds came to sing the glories of Spring
Before there was talk of romance

There was the pungent fragrance of tomatoes on the vine
The taste of sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon
Purple turnips like giant eyes emerging from a cave
Some underground ogre or troll scratching at the grave

Okra and cow-peas, green beans and green leaves
Full of life and life-giving nutrients
Every corner planted as garden space allowed
Eggplants bursting purple as a summer thundercloud

As I left fields for forest I promised to remember these
I learned the wild animals who had nibbled at my feast
I came to face the music, whistling on the breeze
Whispered among the sheaves of wheat or...
Was it first the trees?

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Things I'll Never Do

I never saw a diamond
Sparkle like a spider's web
All drenched in dew at sunrise
Or frozen clods of earth
On a winter's morn

Like amethyst innards of geodes
Crystalline formations
Sprout from nothing but dirt
Where flowers and trees are born

I never saw a sapphire shine
As true as a clear blue sky
I'm more fond of turquoise
Though I could not tell you why

I prefer the glint of silver
Darting across the stream
To the glamour of golden jewelry
And other fancy things

I never heard a poem
As lovely as a prayer
From a mother for her children
As she tucks them into bed;

Never a song more beautiful
Than birds in spring at dawn;
I could not snap my fingers to it
Yet nary a word was said

I never felt a freedom
Like the roving of the wind
Whistling in wild abandon
Past the mustang's tossing mane;

Or through some lonesome canyon
Beneath the eagle's wing
With the wild wolf howling
A secret of something

But I have no regrets
For things I'll never do
When the sun of my life sets
I'll trust the moon and stars to you

Friday, March 31, 2017

Emily My Emily

Soft wind chimes ring for me
Each time that you sing to me
Songs that you bring to me
Emily, my Emily

Softly you cling to me
Flower of spring to me
You're everything to me
Emily, my Emily

When the bright dawn is near
You whisper in my ear
Dreams that my heart can hear
Emily, my Emily

Why do the butterflies
Tremble through summer skies
Why is the owl so wise
Emily, my Emily?

Where do the clouds all go
Daddy, I want to know
When little breezes blow
asks Emily, Emily

Now see the dandy lion
Shaggy old friend of mine
Hide in the grass and find
Emily, my Emily

Hair full of violets
Passion flower pirouettes
Morning glories now trumpet
For Emily, Emily

Night time is time for hugs
And catching lightning bugs
But she will set them free
Emily, my Emily

Life is a fairy tale
I never knew so well
Love ever after tells
Of Emily, Emily

When mother lays her down
Yawning in her nightgown
Angels will come around
For Emily, my Emily

Guard this child while she sleeps
In precious dreams so deep
Blessed is the Lord who keeps
Emily, my Emily
For me.

Friday, October 7, 2016

What Dreams May Come

Ghosts or angels whispering
Telling forbidden stories
In the night

Beyond shutters and shadows
Beneath clouds and golden bits
Of starlight

Creatures prowl silent
City streets and forests

We find them
Along the morning highways
Raccoon, opossum and rabbit
The occasional skunk

We knew they were there;
All along we knew
But the night holds secrets;
Predators and prey

Dreams hold fortunes;
Fantasy and premonition
And in the naked light of day?
We find them

Run down by raging reality
Trapped in headlights of
Late traveling tourists
Ghosts or angels whispering

"Did you see that?"
"What was it?"
"No matter, now it's gone."
A bit of undigested omelet or Hamlet

I live therefore I dream
Of flying and I am free;
Of love in chains that bind me
Of the dead which oft remind me

I live

Can life have room for dreams?
Can there be an innocent beauty?
Untouched by wheels of labor
Not prey for predator's plunder?

Mankind works for a good life
But labor replaces joy
Time consumed is life
Eaten by desire

He would have painted
Sang a song or wrote a poem
There was no time
It was a dream

And what are dreams?

Ghosts or angels...whispering

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here I Am

The sweetest sound I've ever heard
Was not the singing of a bird;
Not the wind's unbridled sigh
But a newborn baby's cry

The sweetest sight I'll ever see?
Little arms reaching out for me
To protect her in the night
When a dream had caused her fright

The sweetest joy I've ever known
Was to see my children grown
Teaching things to little ones
Selfsame lessons taught my own

The sound of laughter is so sweet
But still the patter of tiny feet
Upon the early morning floor
Can stir my heart to loving more

Glorious suns over ocean view
Can bring a smile from beauty too
Yet when compared I know I must
Choose a child's unwavering trust

No satisfaction can be won
Greater than a job well done
I have found no fairer grace
Than to seek my Master's face

In my children and their lives
All my efforts wherein I strive
Fall to nothing but a whim
Compared then to my love for Him

Gratitude and prayer would be
The sweetest sight I'll ever see
Sweetest sound I've ever heard
My child reciting from God's Word

He has answered a servant's sigh
With a newborn baby's cry
Then sacrificed that purest lamb
To say to us, "Child, here I Am."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Only The Wind

Only the wind grows dandelions
And sows the empty air
Careless gardener that he is
He plants them everywhere

Philosophers and poets
Fill an aching need
Bits of wildflower they would sow;
Fleeting feather seed

Only the moon moves oceans;
Brine upon the beach
Tides, a curious notion;
Love too deep to reach

Only the owl asks questions
After the fleeting light
If wisdom is confession
Dreams are born at night

Only a tiny floating seed
Awash on seas of sand
Searching answers; always in need;
The heart of curious man

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lost Children

There are only so many mountains;
So many rivers that run;
So many trees and so many seas
Under the sheltering sun

Life in all its diversity
From scales of slithering things
To skins and fins; feathers and furs,
With legs and shells and wings

We depend upon one another
We are married like man and wife
We were born of one natural mother
Our birth from the earth gave us life

We share one heavenly Father
Under the bright blue sky
He blessed with the admonition of,
“Be fruitful and multiply.”

Mankind has too quickly forgotten
We are part of a greater scheme
The greed of the ill begotten
Has fouled and polluted the dream

Such was the greed of Lucifer;
First, in the heavens above
Cast out from before his Creator
Cut off from His life-giving Love

So, from the Garden of Eden
He banished their sin with a sword
Still they demanded their freedom
Proudly denying His Word

Now, as they kill one another,
And poison the seas and the land
To rape their beautiful mother
Mankind fails to understand

There are only so many mountains;
Only so much Love can defend
Patience and kindness are fountains
That heal yet they do have an end

I hear her wailing and mourning
For her children lost in their greed
Who would not hear any warning
Or to mother or Father pay heed

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