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Friday, March 25, 2016

Before Dawn

Sombrero cloud on morning moon
Shining in darkness before dawn
Ancient silence settled in still
Makes one feel empty and alone

Blinking jet, high over hills
Trailing wriggling, threadlike worms
Waiting thunder on heaven's edge
Rumbling engines or coming storms

Distant stars uncivilized
Burn native fires into the night
Smoky cloud of Andromeda
Like mountain mist in early light

A barking dog is questioning
Who goes there, foe or friend?
Only owls will answer him
Mocking tones from secret limbs

Semi on the interstate
Growls out where the highway winds
Sputtering sounds of Jake brake
Until the tires begin to whine

A soft, brave bird is twittering
Somewhere in the underbrush
But still the night is whispering
To all it's children, “Hush.”

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