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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Here I Am

The sweetest sound I've ever heard
Was not the singing of a bird;
Not the wind's unbridled sigh
But a newborn baby's cry

The sweetest sight I'll ever see?
Little arms reaching out for me
To protect her in the night
When a dream had caused her fright

The sweetest joy I've ever known
Was to see my children grown
Teaching things to little ones
Selfsame lessons taught my own

The sound of laughter is so sweet
But still the patter of tiny feet
Upon the early morning floor
Can stir my heart to loving more

Glorious suns over ocean view
Can bring a smile from beauty too
Yet when compared I know I must
Choose a child's unwavering trust

No satisfaction can be won
Greater than a job well done
I have found no fairer grace
Than to seek my Master's face

In my children and their lives
All my efforts wherein I strive
Fall to nothing but a whim
Compared then to my love for Him

Gratitude and prayer would be
The sweetest sight I'll ever see
Sweetest sound I've ever heard
My child reciting from God's Word

He has answered a servant's sigh
With a newborn baby's cry
Then sacrificed that purest lamb
To say to us, "Child, here I Am."

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Only The Wind

Only the wind grows dandelions
And sows the empty air
Careless gardener that he is
He plants them everywhere

Like philosophers or poets
Who fill an aching need;
A bit of wildflower they would sow;
A fleeting feather seed

Only the moon moves oceans
Brine upon the beach
Tides, a curious notion;
Love too deep to reach

Only an owl asks questions
After the fleeting light
If wisdom is confession
Dreams are born at night

Only a tiny floating seed
Awash in tides of wind
Searching for something; always in need
Like hearts of curious men

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