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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sometimes I Laugh in the Rain

Sometimes I laugh in the rain
Kicking through puddles of youth
Squishy mud between my toes
And trouser legs rolled

I often dream at night
Alone in my bed
And there is sublime joy
From which I regret to wake

I have cried in the dawn
And in the bright sunshine
Dressed in a suit
By my mother’s grave

Things are not always
People are not always
The world is not always
As it appears

A cloudy sky may pass
Grey and threatening
But it may have brought
With it, tears of joy

The sun both bright and warm
Can fail to heal
The coldest moment of our heart
Or light a darkened corner of the soul

Winter can make us appreciate
The fires of friendship
Spring can remind us
Of flowers upon a grave

The green of summer shade
Can bear with it, shadow
And autumn death
Can bring dazzling beauty

There are many seasons
Both of the mind and heart
There are all kinds of weather
And even solar storms

I want you near
If only to hold my hand
No matter whether I smile or frown
Because I need your love

Hearts needs understanding
Every season
Through all kinds of weather
Whether in joy or pain

Perhaps they’re lost in memory
Or found in the here and now
The why not needing to be explained
Sometimes I laugh in the rain

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Visit With Emily

I open the yellow, dog eared pages
to a ribbon marked passage stained with tears
And though we have been friends for ages
I retrace those comforting years
When the winds howl; bitter and cold
Crawling beneath the shared quilt of our art
When aching bones say I am old
You kindle a fire on the hearth of my heart
Let us sip hot cider to the flow and ebb
Of poems we wrote when we were young
When the writing spider wove his web
In our souls and every song to be sung
From distant hills across the snow
They will spy the smoke from our chimney
And the frozen travelers then will know
That a poet sits with Miss Emily

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