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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Far Upon the Sea

I long to feel the vast heartbeat of salty tides;
To be pulled by golden moons upon the sand;
The rush and hush of white-capped waves
Around me
Whispering songs my soul will understand

Where weathered hulls and crusty prows before me
In barnacled beauty their precious planks adorned;
Where great sailfish and dolphins go exploring;
Where mermaid
Infants swim when they are born

I long to hear the lovely songs of seabirds;
The screech of gulls, the albatross and tern;
To see the billowed sails full white with yearning
To catch
The wind and all her secrets learn

I'd see the swaying palms of distant islands
With pristine beaches beyond the coral reef
All snow white, bathed in light
And glittering
Like precious diamond gems beyond belief

I'd hear the groaning lullaby of Humpbacks
Where Poseidon parts the frothy veils
Upon their massive tails I could go riding
Learning all the mysteries of whales

Around the frozen icebergs I would wander
To see the seals and all the penguins there
What would it be like, I have to ponder,
To kindly
Pet a friendly polar bear?

Upon my earthbound travels I go dreaming
Of all these things I know will never be
Yet fantasy fills me still with imagining
And longing
For wild adventures far upon the sea

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