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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Art of Drifting

We are fiery autumn leaves
Adrift on the river of time
Carried by reckless currents
As our colors burn and shine

Wash the earth kaleidoscope
Brave as merchant ships
Though we cannot change the course
Let us still enjoy the trip

We are only dandelion seed
Swept by summer wind
Sailing to unknown destinations
Guided but by chance and whim

Let us plant a seed of hope
Wherever our lives touch
And leave a trail of flowers
Along the rocky and the rough

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Woody's Song

You know this land is your land baby
Little Sadie take a whiff on me
I’m gone to smell the wildwood flower
I’m bound for the pastures of plenty

Gone on the trail of the buffalo
With the mule skinner blues in the dustbowl
I followed Jimmie Rodgers to the rodeo
And wrote Jesus Christ for the radio

This train is bound for glory; this train
This train don’t run on worry and cocaine
Little Arlo’s on the City of New Orleans
Dylan’s walking round in old jeans

I got my bed on the floor, I’m a deportee
I met a Danville girl up in Tennessee
Tired of waiting on a hesitating beauty
I’m way over yonder in the minor key

Better get ready for the worried man blues
Jesus had sand in both of his shoes
He never taught John how to pick and sing
John couldn’t undo his sandal string

Through the flood and the storm I’m gonna sing
Sowing on the mountain while church bells ring
My battle might lead down Satan’s black alley
Past mountains to kneel in some lonesome valley

My flying saucer is a merry go round
My flowers grow green till the sun goes down
The things that I’ve seen; boys, I’ve been around
Hangknot, Slipknot, don’t push me down

Heaven, my home; on a highway of light
If I’m everything on earth I’m nothing tonight
Got a brand new Caddy and amazing grace
I’ll stay home with daddy; he don’t wash my face

My mamma’s not afraid and neither am I
Cause my daddy flies that ship in the sky
It’s been good to know you, so long from above
Just wink at the stars when you think of my love

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