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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christina's World

Christina’s World

So far from home; yet there are tracks
left leading to house and barn
On the leaning hill across the field
yellow grasses by sun are warmed

The pink pastel of a twisted form
looks back longing for the past
Her broken body echoes dreams
and hopes of love that did not last

Christina’s sky is grey and far
without a pillow of comforting cloud
The sun in heaven sets behind her;
her shadow cast upon the ground

Wayward wisps of unruly hair
flutter in the evening air; astonished
Malformed hands that clutch
the land for sustenance; admonished

September stretches out the day;
endings tied by industrious October
When the harvested grain and human pain
of labor in this life are over

Crippled by pain, reach for home;
though heaven may seem far away
In hours of adversity; crawl if need be,
like Christina, to a brighter day.

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