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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Moonlit Sea

At night the wind blows warm
across the rolling waves
Washing in the speckled foam;
tired tourist footprints lay
Jellyfish in sequined gowns
upon the ballroom floor
Twirl electric tentacles
and sparkle down the shore

Bright stars come to wash their faces
in the moonlit sea
The rumbling crash of salty surf
sings like a melody
The soothing ancient song of time;
the vast primordial womb
Every creature in the brine
joins the chorus of the tune

Starfish upon the ocean floor
salute their heavenly sisters
And march to edges of the shore
to view the scenic vistas
Sand dollars roll to spend themselves
in midnight blue casinos
While hermit crabs in borrowed shells
payroll the rumbling Reno

Take a chance to dance, romance;
the gamble is on love
Bets are heavy in the sand
as in heavenly lights above
Hang your wishes on the stars
with each romantic notion
The moon will find you where you are
like fishes in the ocean.

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