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Monday, February 4, 2013

Dream Catcher

I went fishing once in May
On a lovely springtime day
I took along a can of worms
A rod and reel and book of poems

I cast my line into the water
Passing time the sun grew hotter
Soon I sought the maple shade
With some sandwiches I’d made

So stretched out in my new nook
I opened up the poetry book
The fish that day refused to bite
I watched some children fly a kite

It is too windy, so I said
On maple then resting my head
There, so propped, began to read
Among the helicopter seed

A day had never seemed so short
As I read each brilliant poet
Soon I was so far from dawn
That I began to stretch and yawn

I fell asleep till evening time
Dreaming life was but a rhyme
As the fish are caught with hooks
So such thoughts by poetry books!

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