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Saturday, May 2, 2015



Rivers of tears
The ocean of man
Salt and life
Of humanity

Pride and fear
We understand;
Love and the pain
Of calamity

Each becomes
In his own way
Faith, hope
And charity

A reflection
Of that
To which he prays;
Comfort or disparity

Empathy is needed
Where love exists
Build a bridge of souls
In the casting, reach

Sympathy for hatred, greed
Evil must enlist
Hearts grow cold
Without a voice to teach

We do not war
With flesh and blood
This is our battlefield;
Every heart and mind

We cannot kill
And be understood
Or preach a great ideal
To souls of humankind

Beat your swords to plows
Feed and clothe the poor
The destroyer destroys
The Creator creates

Is anyone listening now
Rushing off to war
As governments deploy
And Armageddon waits?

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